Olsen’s day

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my idol!

Rodericko “Olsen” Racela turned 40 last November 1. The San Miguel point guard is on his last PBA conference, some 17 years after he played in his first. He’s just the sixth 40-year-old-and-above PBA player, joining Mon Fernandez, Abet Guidaben, Sonny Jaworski, Yoyoy Villamin and Terry Saldana.



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Charice says she is Okay!

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Dinala sa isang Singapore hospital ang Filipina international singing sensation na si Charice Pempengco nang magtungo ito sa Lion City kamakailan para sa last leg ng David Foster and Friends Asian Tour.

Nagkasakit raw si Charice ng food poisoning matapos kumain ng sushi sa isang restaurant sa Singapore.



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i am back!

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hi people! after few months!hehe blogging again!weeee hope youll continue to read my posts!thanks and have a blessed evening everyone!

blogger Chin


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