Self Concet "i"

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Self-concept emerges as a child develops an increasingly rich concept of him or herself, separating the notion of “I” from other people and objects. In addition to he concept of “I” a child develops a separate notion of “Me” which has certain defining features and qualities. William James defined “Me” as one that is observed and perceived. “It is the Me that one sees when attention is focused on the self, the Me as an object, represented in self-concepts, in how we see ourselves.” The notion of “I” is represented by actions of an individual. The “I” self-regulates, self-monitors, and presents the self to others in most appropriate way. Self-concepts involve an integration and organization of an enormous amount of information. The self-concepts are utilized with the individual’s past experiences as well as his or her future preferences. The individual who learns to perform more competently achieves more gratification and is also likely to develop more positive attitudes toward himself or herself. Once one can overcome fears and stressful feelings, one will become more confident as a result.


About EMos

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Emos are anything EXCEPT normal, and we wear that as a badge of honor. For those of you who aren't living the Emo life, take some time to get acquainted. Maybe you want to join the ranks of Emos, or maybe your someone just trying to understand what we're about. Ok. No problem. We welcome you here to learn more about us and what we are really about. A good rule of thumb in life is never to judge a book by it's cover, and that couldn't be more true than with Emo. Knowledge is power.Learnmore.


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familiar??hahaha sounds cheesy... but did you know that...

Heroin related deaths and arrests among young pop culture musicians has not been this visible for decades. "We observe pop culture making this drug- which is very lethal-look glamorous and chic," says Ginna Marston of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (54). For example, according to Karen Schoemer's report for Newsweek, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon and Jerry Garcia of Greatful Dead, all participated and abused heroin (54). Kurt Cobain took his own life with a shotgun, while battling his heroin addiction. Also, Shannon Hoon overdosed on cocaine while he had recently tried to kick his heroin habit. In addition, Jerry Garcia who had been a drug junkie for years died in a rehabilitation center while trying to come clean from drug use. However, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, David Gahan of Depeche Mood and actor Robert Downey, Jr. were all arrested for possession of heroin and other illicit drugs (54). Weiland was busted on heroin and cocaine possession in May, 1995 (54). Furthermore, Gahan was arrested for drug possession after an overdose on heroin and cocaine (54). In addition, Downey was arrested when officials found heroin, crack, and cocaine in his car after he was pulled over for speeding. He plead not guilty to the charges and was sentenced to a mandatory rehab program. Downey on June 28, 1995 walked out of the drug treatment facility, but later turned himself in the next day (54). Heroin is very much in back and has become a major trend and a way of life for the pop culture life style.


Child - EMo

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The child's mind a very delicate and fragile piece of space just waiting
to be fulfilled with knowledge. With every touch, taste, sight, and sound a
small part of the brain is in growth. It is these early stimulations that
are so crucial to a child's intelligence in the years to come.


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Aliens... What are aliens? There are illegal aliens. Their are UFO aliens. You have to ask yourself one question, do you think there could be intelligent life other than the human race? I do. Aliens are creatures, things, phenomena. No one can explain them nor can any one prove their existence, but there are millions of people who believe they're out there. I'm not talking about ID4 aliens, or anything like that. I am talking about intelligent life that may just be coming here to study humans.
There have been many cases of close encounters of the third kind. Where aliens have abducted people and studied them. Some of the people that do believe this think it is evil. But if the United States government found an alien. They would probably study it in the same we aliens have studied humans.
Many people are UFO fanatics and live life to see UFO's. These people go out and search for UFO sightings. Do UFO's exsist that is the Question?


First Amerigo

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I plan and schedule each activity and assignment and stick to the schedule. I can only do one thing at a time and easily stress out when I must stop one thing to do another. I hate to have more than one project unfinished. I will work and not be satisfied until I have successfully completed each thing on my agenda. I feel the test very accurately described my personality: Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging.