HELSINKI - The world's top mobile phone maker Nokia is eyeing entering the laptop business, its Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said in an interview to Finnish national broadcaster YLE on Wednesday.

"We are looking very actively also at this opportunity," Kallasvuo said, when asked whether Nokia plans to make laptops.

Industry has rumored about Nokia's possible plan to enter the PC industry since late last year, but Kallasvuo's comment was the first official admittance of such plans.


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Emo Ness

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oday emo is commonly tied to both music and fashion as well as an inspiration toward the emo subculture,[20] and the term "emo" is sometimes stereotyped with tight jeans on males and females alike, long fringe (bangs) brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes, dyed black, straight hair, tight t-shirts (usually short-sleeved) which often bear the names of emo bands (or other designer shirts), studded belts, belt buckles, canvas sneakers or skate shoes or other black shoes and thick, black horn-rimmed glasses.[21][22][23] This fashion has at times been characterized as a fad.[24] Early on, emo fashion was associated with a clean cut look[25] but as the style spread to younger teenagers, the style has become darker, with long bangs and emphasis on the colour black replacing sweater vests.


Lemme Bite You!hehehe

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my IDol..OMG

NEW YORK, (AFP) - - The New York Knicks may have been no match for Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, but the National Basketball Association statistics experts have managed to slow him down.

The NBA announced on Friday that James was incorrectly awarded with a rebound in the final minute of Cleveland's victory over the Knicks on Wednesday night.

The correction means James came up one rebound short of what had appered to be his 21st career triple-double.

Instead, James finished with 52 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds.

The revision also prevented James from being the first player to have a triple-double in a 50-point game since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar accomplished the feat in 1975.