Cognitive Psychology- the study of how individuals acquire, process, and use information.

Evolutionary Psychology- way of which behavior and mental processes are adaptive for survival.

Wilhelm Wundt- STRUCURALISM. Founded the first formal psychology lab, 1897. goals = 1. analyze conscious processes into there basic units such as sensations, images, feeling 2. disover how the elements became connected 3.specify the laws of connection. “FATHER OF PSYCHOLOGY”

Edward Titchener- STRUCTURALISM = what? and were? Falls under Wihelm Wundt

William James- FUNCTIONALISM = how? And why?. Led first distinct school of psychology. Studied the mind as it functions in adapting to the environment

Sigmund Freud- PSYCHODYNAMIC. Studied etiology, development, and treatment of abnormal behavior.

John Watson and B.F Skinner – BEHAVIORISM. Studied behavioral observations.

Max Werthheimer, Kurt Koffka, Wolfgang Kohler - GESTALT. Defined psychology as the study of immediate experience of the whole organism. Gestalt psychology was founded as a revolt against Wundt.



Gender stereotypes

Gender roles



Ethnic identity

Sexual orientation

Femenist theory

Human diversity

Jean-Paul Sartre